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Rumbero de Corazon

Every salsa aficionado has his or her favorite sextet. The Joe Cuba Sextet and New Swing Sextet quickly come to my mind. The combination of catchy lyrics, the celestial overtones of the vibraphone and a heavy dose of percussion combine to create an irresistible urge to find a spot on the dance floor.  Led by Colombian vibraphonist bandleader Dorance Lorza, Sexteto Café is a rising name on the international salsa scene. His sextet has proven via various recordings that you don't to have a large orchestra to be successful. Whether they are playing salsa or Latin jazz, one thing is for certain, they have the signature swing that has made all of their sextet's predecessors legends in the Latin music genre.  Sexteto Café’s debut album Café Salsa smokes. Other recordings like Salsa Pa Ti and 10 years of Salsa are also must haves in your musical library. What I enjoy most about this sextet is that there are no filler cuts in their recordings. Each track swings in its own way with balanced vocals and instrumentation. That, in my opinion, is a perfect recipe for recordings that eventually become classics.  Take a listen to his latest single release "Rumbero de Corazon" and you be the judge.


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