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Sweet Hot Coffee (Cafe Dulce y Caliente)

The Colombian vibraphonist Dorance Lorza has found here

the true balance between hard-core rhythm section and inspired harmony that spins around the clave. His skills allow him to connect the most rhythmic montunos to the fresh and ethereal sound of the vibraphone to produce an entwined combination that makes Latin music at its best. This is the most striking feeling that comes to mind when the first note hits your ears.

Another interesting and innovative personal touch is the use of the string quartet which is quite surprising for the musical format of a Sexteto with vibes. The string section provides a solid and melodic counterpoint to the montunos played by pianist Anna Gillespie and the guajeos of Dorance’s vibraphone.

With Sweet Hot Coffee, Dorance Lorza and his Sexteto Café have reached a definite maturity and mastering of the Sextet musical format led by the vibraphone. After years of work and legitimate fight to establish the vibes as part of salsa instrumentation, he succeeds in his dedicated quest with one of the best albums of the musical genre in 2016 so far.

The music of Sexteto Café is a contagious and highly danceable salsa blend, arranged with a subtle flavour of the beloved Cali musical roots of Dorance Lorza. Each of the twelve tunes has its own historical background but is composed using a common musical basis developed through a personal and unique musical approach, combining harmonic lines of the vibraphone, refreshing string section counterpoint and salsa dura rhythm section that any dancers will love to dance to.

Dorance Lorza has found here a brilliant combination bringing the vibraphone back into the light and keeping alive traditional salsa with modern arrangements. Thanks to Dorance and his vibraphone salsa brava will never die !

François Charpentier

Artistic Director

Toros y Salsa Festival , Dax

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